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Water Treatment Business Division

As for water treatment aspects, HEKEDA is mainly engaged inproduction

of industrial ultra-pure water, reuse of reclaimed water, waste water

treatment and industrial automation control, etc. HEKEDA can provide an

integrated service of R&D, design, production, installation and post0sales

service, achieving the common goal of clean production.

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Here are the branches of water treatment business division:

Shenzhen HEKEDA Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.

Suzhou HEKEDA Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.

Xi'an HEKEDA Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.

Suzhou HAIJI Automation Control Co., Ltd.

  Water treatment Equipment Exhibition

  HEKEDA has rich experience in equipment design, engineering installation and debugging as well as trouble removal,

and it has contracted with many famous enterprises for the large and medium-sized water treatment engineering projects. With

excellent quality, reasonable price and sincere service, HEKEDA help the customers with the water treatment problems and

works hard together with them to protect the environment.

Ultrafiltration System



CEDI System                   EDI System


Ultrafiltration System                     EDI System  



         Laminated Filter+Ultrafiltration System          Reverse Osmosis System


        Reverse Osmosis System+Polished Mixed Bed          System CEDI System          



Central Power+Electrical Control Cabinet        Central Power+System Control Sections

Ultrapure Water System


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