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  Distinguished customers, please dial HEKEDA’s hot-line

if you are i need of the equipment, which is the directest and

easiest way for contact, and we have professionals who will

serveyou sincerely. HEKEDA is looking forward to your calling.

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  Thank you, the distinguished customers, for visiting the

website of HEKEDA. If you want to purchase touch panel glass

cleaning machine and have further knowledge of HEKEDA’s

glass cleaning machines, please dial the 24-hour hot line below

right away:

Workshop I:HEKEDA Industrial Area, Huawang Rd., Dalang,   Baoan, Shenzhen
Workshop II:F1-3 of Building B in Huaming Industrial Area,   Langkou Village, Dalang, Longhua, Shenzhen
TL:+86-755-32903880 32903885
Postcode: 518109
E-mail: [email protected]
  Address: Room 5 of Xingwang Rd., the 2 nd Zone of   Huangqiao Bridge Industrial Park, Xiangcheng, Suzhou
TL: +86-512-65796801 65796268
Fax: +86-512- 65796837
Postcode: 215132
E-mail: [email protected] .com

Address: Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, Luoma Village, Qingxi,   Dongguan
E-mail: [email protected]



  We’ll note down the basic information and requirements

for the equipment of your company, and then, according to the

types of the equipment, arrange our business manager in

Suzhou or Shenzhen to contact you, providing you with

professional one-on-one service. The scope of our business

manager’s service includes: paying a visit to your company,

inviting you to HEKEDA for a visit, holding a meeting for

technicians to exchange ideas, offering the most professional

and constructive technical specification; offering an accurate

quotation of the equipment, and business negotiation, etc.

  If our business manager is of poor performance and

inefficient, gives unprofessional project, or makes unreasonable

requests while serving you, you can call 0755-28174652, phone

number of our Market Management Department, to reflect the

situation. We will keep your calling confidential and, according

to what you reflect, make adjustments and revisions or arrange

another business manager for you to offer more satisfying


Address:HEKEDA Industrial Zone,Huawang Rd.,
Dalang, Baoan, Shenzhen
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